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Today, we - Ginger, Sarah, Samantha, Oliver and Michelle, along with friends and family - are honoring Luke, Nate, Nick and Noah Bucklin on this, the anniversary of their deaths.
We are touched by all the love and support we've received (thanks for wearing blue!). We can feel the power of your countless prayers. And, we are comforted by all of the memories you share.
But, we are also celebrating our boys' lives and passion for community, technology and family through the newly forming Bucklin Family Foundation (

In 2007, Luke and Ginger first envisioned the Bucklin Family Foundation as a philanthropic legacy for our family. Connecting our personal passions with societal needs, we wanted to use emerging technologies to help build strong families.
All around us, we saw negative portrayals of technology in the media – how kids are warned about the dangers of the web, how parents should limit kids’ technology usage, and how mobile phones may damage personal interactions.
Meanwhile, the world felt different in our own “nerd family,” where we used computers, websites, mobile phones and video games to grow closer to one another, spend time together, and build stronger relationships.
We realized that families need help learning how to use the latest gadgets to grow closer, especially as technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous. We envisioned helping families use technology for good – and creating technologies that serve families better.
Our vision became reality after we lost half of our family – Luke and sons Nick, Nate and Noah – to a plane crash in October 2010. During this difficult time, Ginger saw once again how technologies helped draw people together, support her family, and connect her community. The Bucklin Family Foundation (BFF) was born.
As it grows, the BFF will support families by providing online resources, offering grants, and stimulating community dialogue. It will also fund development of tools like family-centric mobile apps.
Together, we can make positive change in the lives of families, using the power that technology offers to grow stronger together.

Help us honor our boys by following the BFF on Facebook or Twitter, or by visiting to learn more. While our boys can never be replaced, we look forward to honoring them and helping other families connect through technology the way that ours has.

The entire Bucklin Family is in our thoughts here in the Chicago office. Luke's influence is still felt here on a daily basis. Easiest example? The picture of Jeff Goldblum that still hangs in our bathroom. Which inspired our now decommissioned tweeting bathroom - @JGoldblumChi (the tweeting hardware was decommissioned, not the bathroom).

Thanks Luke! And the family that supports him! Hope you guys are all doing well!