Nick & Nate's birthday - Dec. 16th


Tomorrow, on December 16th, 2010, Nick and Nate would have turned 15 years old.

We had many hopes for the boys during their 15th year. They both would have started driving. They'd start thinking about colleges. Nick would have bought the car that he was saving for. Nate would have tried out for the Southwest basketball and track teams.

And yet, now we turn our thoughts to their memories and honoring the bright, wonderful kids they are.

Here are some ways you can help honor Nick & Nate on their 15th birthday:

- Wear Blue for the Bucklins B-Day on Thursday, December 16th, 2010. Special thanks to the Kinneys for organizing this!
- Donate to Toys for Tots, in honor of the boys. Donation deadline is coming soon -- end of business Friday, December 17th!
- Share a special memory of Nick and Nate on the Bucklin Memories site, or just take some time to enjoy others' stories. What do you remember about the twins? The entire Bucklin family and circle of friends continue to cherish every story, photo and video you post.
- Give to the Bucklin Family Fund. We're hard at work creating a foundation that helps families come together using the power of technology. Watch for incredible tools to help families, coming soon, in early 2011!
- Say a little prayer for Nick and Nate's friends, who continue to do a tremendous job honoring the boys' memories.

And, once again, our deepest and most heartfelt thanks for all of the thoughts, prayers, gifts and generosity you've given us to date. This is such a difficult time, eased by your acts of love.

Hi Ginger,

Tyler and I were talking about Noah yesterday, our conversation eventually moved to you, Michelle and the kids. You guys are in our hearts, our thoughts, and prayers. May the precious memories you hold get you through this most difficult time. I know that it has been about 10 weeks since the boys went home and as time passes you can start to feel more and more alone as many people who were supporting you in the begining eventually get back into the swing of life and there you guys are, the ones most affected are still so raw in the moment of life without your loved ones. If you guys need anything like a hot meal or something we can do to help provide comfort, please let us know.
Stacey and Tyler

Hi Ginger,
Skylar and I have been thinking about you and Michelle and the family alot these days. We pray for your peace and continued strength. We realize how hard these holidays must be for you all. May God bless you all and bring peace and comfort to your lives at these hard times.


Hi Ginger,

Our household has been thinking about the Bucklin's a lot in the past few days. We hold you in our hearts and prayers. The boys in the short time there were on this earth touched so many lives and we are thankful that we were part of the many. Today, they continue to bring smiles and warmth to our lives in the memories we cherish.

May you (The surviving Bucklin Family and Friends) find Peace, Love, and Joy in these coming days.

Stacey, Sean, Tyler, and Peyton

p.s. Ty would still like a program from the memorial if possible.