on thanksgiving


This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for many things...

I'm thankful for more than a decade of love and laughter with my soulmate.
For the honor of helping to raise six kids to be kindhearted, honest and wise.
For the blessings that Sarah, Sami and Oliver continue to bring me each day.
For the ever-present immersion in love and caring that I feel from those around me.
For the kindness of those whom I haven't met but have reached out to us nonetheless.
And for the love of Jesus Christ, to whom I owe all that I am and ever can be.

Most of all, this year, I'm thankful that God provided us a week when we could come together in hope and prayer, thinking and remembering all the wonderful things that the Bucklin Boys brought to our lives. We were blessed to be spared our grief for a short time, and think only of how much we love and cherish Luke, Nick, Nate and Noah.

So, this Thanksgiving, my heart overflows with gratitude for all that God has provided, and continues to provide.
I pray that you, too, will feel His strength and love this Thanksgiving.


Our family continues to hold all of you in our hearts daily.

What a beautiful post. - thank you for sharing it. It is inspirational and telling of the strength you hold within and gain from your faith. Thank you.

Stacey Voss (Tyler Maltby)

Blessing to you and the family Ginger on this first holiday of many to enjoy and celebrate with loved ones.

You continue to be in our hearts and prayers every day.

Gregg & Carolyn
Savage, MN